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Best CBD Oil for Pain

Best CBD Oil for Pain

Published by David Nadel on Oct 17, 2020

All of us have some kind of experience with pain. After all, pain is one of the most accepted parts of life. And as we get older, instances of pain can become more chronic or severe, as the body has a harder time healing itself and maintaining maximum wellness throughout.

We’re not here to talk about the various pain medications and other conventional remedies for pain, as that is a conversation to have with your doctor. But we would like to shed light on the enormous amount of research that has gone into exploring CBD’s effects on pain.

Clinical Sutdies on CBD Topicals

There are a number of clinical studies that have been performed in recent years as it pertains to this. That’s why we will also be zeroing in on CBD topicals, which may be one of the best options for someone looking to use hemp in order to find relief.

Started using this on my Spondylosis pain...what a relief to find a product that holds true. This is a must have to all who have joint pain!! Great Product Kigh!! Thank you!

Why Cannabidiol for Pain?

Before we get into the various CBD products for pain, we need to explain why cannabidiol may be a good option to begin with. CBD is the dominant compound in hemp, of which there are many compounds that have the potential to aid in pain relief. Therefore, when we talk about “CBD oil,” we’re referring to a variety of products that contain CBD and may or may not contain additional hemp compounds as well.

CBD is a cannabinoid, which is a type of compound unique to the cannabis genus. Cannabinoids bind with cannabinoid receptors found everywhere in the body, including the brain, muscles, nerves and every other bodily system we have. This binding process allows cannabinoid receptors to fulfill their job, which is regulating processes that we rely on for wellbeing. Cannabinoid receptors belong to the endocannabinoid system, which is present in every mammal, and maintains homeostasis by sustaining equilibrium so that we can exist in a state of maximum wellness.

There have been many studies done specifically on CBD’s relationship to pain relief. In fact, one piece of research found that CBD may work better than conventional pain-fighting methods. This, again, is due to the compound’s interaction with cannabinoid receptors. CBD has been shown in studies to regulate inflammation, while also regulating the manner in which the brain receives pain signals sent from the nervous system.

Using CBD Internally for Pain

There are two ways to go about using CBD for pain. The first one that we’ll be discussing is using it internally. Internal CBD delivery methods include vapes, edibles and tinctures, which are applied to the sublingual tissue beneath the tongue. What all of these methods have in common is that they allow cannabinoids to disperse throughout the body, and it’s believed that the endocannabinoid system is a highly intelligent system which sends cannabinoids to areas that are in the most need of some help.

Using CBD internally for pain has seemed to be quite helpful for many people. But it may be best suited for those dealing with widespread pain, due to the unique distribution process described above.

Using a CBD Topical for Pain

Then, there are CBD topicals, which are quickly becoming a favorite delivery method. CBD topicals are quite different from other types of CBD products. Rather than getting dispersed widely throughout the body, the cannabinoids stay local to the area of application. In other words, let’s say your neck is bothering you. You apply a CBD topical to the neck in an effort to seek relief. The compounds in the product absorb directly through the skin, allowing the cannabinoids to bind with receptors in the immediate area. This allows for a more targeted and concentrated form of relief.

Fascinatingly, findings have discovered that transdermal absorption of cannabinoids is a uniquely effective means for pain relief. This is because CBD absorbs through the skin very fast, and reaches the cannabinoid receptors found within the skin, nerves, muscles and joints efficiently. Applying a topical has the added bonus of typically working within several minutes and staying active for hours on end.

Which CBD Oil Type Should I Use?

Well, whether applied topically or taken internally, let’s break down the key factors to consider in your quest for hemp-based pain relief.

Factor #1: Consider Full Spectrum

We do recommend opting for a full spectrum hemp product. We said earlier that different CBD products can have different varieties of hemp compounds. Full spectrum hemp products contain the complete variety of compounds as they naturally occur in the hemp flower. This includes cannabinoids, terpenes, flavonoids, and nutrients which seem to all offer something unique to the body. Full spectrum products also produce the entourage effect, which refers to the surprising synergistic boost that comes from taking all of the compounds together at once, rather than separating them.

Factor #2: Lab-Testing is Key

It’s crucial that you choose only high-quality CBD products from trusted brands. We do highly urge you to stick to companies that employ third-party lab testing. This means that the company sends each and every batch of hemp extract to a third-party testing facility so that it can be analyzed for quality, purity, potency and more. These factors all matter when it comes to the ultimate effectiveness of a particular CBD product.

Factor #3: Other Ingredients Make a Difference

Further, the other ingredients in a hemp product are worth considering. For instance, some companies add known natural pain relievers to their products making them more likely to give you the results that you want.

Why We Recommend Topicals to Those Dealing with Pain

Ultimately, we feel that the majority of people dealing with pain should incorporate topicals into their routine. Due to the manner in which they supply a concentrated dose of hemp to a specific area, they may deliver more noticeable results.

Using Topicals with Other CBD Products

Further, topicals can be used with internal CBD products. In other words, you shouldn’t be worried about adding a topical to your daily routine if you’re already using, say, a tincture on a daily basis. CBD is nontoxic, and topicals don’t really deliver many effects outside of the area of application. Therefore, it’s not a situation in which you could experience a toxic overdose due to using too much CBD within a certain period of time.

Blue Tansy CBD Relief Rub from Kigh CBD

At Kigh CBD, we offer a high-quality CBD pain relief rub made with only the very best ingredients, and carefully sourced, lab-tested hemp extract. Blue Tansy CBD Relief Rub is a topical that can be used daily for pain-related purposes.

The flower was originally a wildflower harvested in the Mediterranean and is now cultivated primarily in Morocco. While many may assume the flower is blue, it's actually not. Blue Tansy blooms are yellow. The leaves are slender and are covered with a fine white fur. The oil extracted from the plant has a sweet, herbal fragrance because of the high camphor content.

It offers 800 milligrams of full spectrum CBD, in addition to eight powerful essential oils known for their anti-inflammatory and analgesic effects. It’s an extra strength product, meaning that it’s made for those who desire relief as effectively and quickly as possible.

With its all-natural formula, this relief rub absorbs through the skin in minutes, without leaving behind a greasy residue. Therefore, it finds the cannabinoid receptors in no time for faster activation.

How to Use CBD Topically for Pain

Using CBD topicals for pain is an extremely easy and intuitive process. Simply scoop out the desired amount each day and massage it thoroughly into the skin of the affected area. Make sure you use a generous enough amount to ensure that a lot of those cannabinoids get into the area per application. You can use a CBD topical several times a day if needed.

An Overall Great Option If You Prefer Natural and Holistic Blissful Methods

We do recommend that if you are struggling with pain, that you speak to your doctor before using CBD daily, as he or she should always be aware of what you’re using to manage your symptoms. We also highly recommend our Blue Tansy CBD Relief Rub, which is formulated specifically for those struggling with pain who would like an easy, fast-absorbing topical that can be used daily.