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Looking For a CBD Dosage Calculator?

Looking For a CBD Dosage Calculator?

Published by David Nadel on Jan 06, 2021

When most people select a CBD product from Kigh CBD, they’re looking for specific things. For instance, considering the type of hemp extract that was used to produce the CBD product, as this determines the variety of cannabinoids that they will be consuming. They take into account the delivery method, as everyone has their own preference. Will I be taking CBD oil drops, swallowing a CBD capsule or possibly vaping CBD. They also decide if the product will be flavored or not, and if it comes from a company they know and trust.


However, more than anything else, two primary things determine what your CBD experience will be like, and they are the CBD milligram strength and the CBD dosage level. While these are two different things, they both directly refer to how much actual hemp compounds you’ll be consuming each time you take some CBD. And, like pretty much everything that we consume, the amount that we take in has everything to do with whether or not we actually get the results we want.

Have you ever heard people say that they tried CBD once and it didn’t work? It’s highly possible that this was because they weren’t taking the right CBD dosage level or CBD milligram strength. People commonly ask us if we have a CBD dosage calculator or if we can tell them the exact CBD dosage for anxiety. Unfortunately we can't provide exact CBD dosages levels in that way. Determining the right amount of each requires some trial and error, but one’s efforts are rewarded as soon as they find their sweet spot.

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CBD Dosage Levels

The dosage level refers to how much of a particular CBD product you take per dose. Note that the dosage level doesn’t determine how much actual CBD you’re consuming, because a CBD product can be watered down with any number and volume of additional ingredients. Essentially, the dosage level is simply what is printed on the CBD product’s label. When someone is first taking a new CBD product, it’s always recommended to stick to the suggested dosage level that has been indicated by the company for the best results. We understand that a CBD dosage calculator would be ideal, but there are too many factors that vary by individual to determine an exact dosage.  

CBD Milligram Strengths

This refers to the concentration of hemp extract that’s in a CBD product. It’s measured in milligrams. A CBD product can contain a wide range of ingredients in addition to hemp extract. To know how much actual hemp compounds are in the product that you’re taking, you need to pay attention to the milligram strength. Luckily, this number is always printed on a product’s label. CBD products come in a wide range of milligram strengths, as everyone’s body responds best to a different concentration.

It’s also recommended that if you’re a first-time user, you start somewhere in the middle in terms of the milligram strengths are available. This gives you a chance to experience what a regular dose of CBD feels like in your body, without consuming so much all at once for the first time. Also, milligram strengths may correlate to body weight, as it’s believed that people with higher body weights respond better to higher milligram strengths. If a milligram strength is simply too weak for your needs, you can just increase the CBD dosage level.

Identical CBD Milligram Strength and CBD Dosage Levels Can ProducE Different Effects Depending on Delivery Method

Now, let’s get into the confusing bit. CBD comes in a variety of delivery methods, as we mentioned earlier. The main types of delivery methods are topicals, sublingual, ingestible and vaping. Each delivery method absorbs into a different part of the body at its own pace. This is because different parts of the body have different levels of absorbency.

For this reason, identical CBD milligram strengths between different delivery methods can affect you in different ways. In other words, consuming one milligram of a CBD vape oil can produce different results as consuming one milligram of a CBD oil.

To help you better understand, let’s break down the way in which each type of product absorbs.


CBD topicals are cannabinoid products that are applied to the skin rather than taken internally. They are most suitable for those trying to target a specific area of the body. The absorption rate of a CBD topical will depend on the ingredients of the base product. Salves typically provide a much better result because of the ability of the base oils to penetrate the skin. CBD creams, while popular, quite often will create a barrier on the skin's surface making it more difficult for the hemp extracts to do their job.

CBD topicals can come in a wide range of milligram strengths, with a typical dose providing between 10 and 20 milligrams. Due to the fast absorption rate of this method, effects should be felt almost instantly and can be felt very potently. In addition to CBD, you should consider the other ingredients in topicals and their potential effects on the body. Essential oils are a perfect example. When you find the proper blend of essential oils, it will provide additional benefit.


CBD tinctures utilize the sublingual absorption delivery method, which means that the compounds absorb through the tissue underneath the tongue. This allows for relatively fast absorption that is felt relatively potently and for a few hours. CBD oils typically come in strengths of 300mg to 2,000mg bottles, meaning that a single dose is the total number of milligrams divided by thirty. So, if you were using a 1200mg tincture, you’d be consuming 40 milligrams per dose. This high milligram count has to do with the way in which the sublingual tissue processes and absorbs CBD and other compounds.


Edibles are any CBD product that is ingested. Edibles work by traveling through the digestive system before getting released into the blood stream through the liver. Edibles take longer to take effect for this reason but can last for hours. Can also feel more subtle. Typically, edibles can contain anywhere from 5 to 50 milligrams per piece.

Vape Oils

Vape oils are inhaled into the lungs, which allows them to take effect very fast and be felt very potently. Most vape oils provide 1 to 5 milligrams per puff. This may seem like a very small amount, but due to the unique nature of this absorption rate, a little goes a long way. In other words, that small amount can provide much more potent effects than a higher milligram strength of, say, an edible. Therefore, this small number is actually just right, especially since most people choose to take more than one puff per their vaping session, and also vape CBD vape oil throughout the day.

Find What Works For You

As you can see, when it comes to CBD, few things are as important as the dosage level and the milligram strength. We wish we could give you that simple CBD dosage calculator or be able to say that 10mg or 50mg is the proper CBD dosage for anxiety, but we honestly cannot do that. By knowing how to properly select both dosage levels and milligram strengths, you’ll very likely have a more successful CBD experience overall. Use this guide to understand how they can differ from product to product, and why they’re so crucial.

Final thought, if you do come across another company that tells you "You need exactly "x" mg of CBD then your trust level should be in question.