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CBD Extraction Technology Creates Greater CBD Benefits

CBD Extraction Technology Creates Greater CBD Benefits

Published by David Nadel on Aug 24, 2020

Technology plays a huge part in our lives every single day. Sometimes its very apparent (i.e. using our cell phones or computers) and other times it may not be (i.e. extracting CBD from hemp plants). Believe it or not, CBD extraction methods play a tremendous part in the quality of your products and there is tons of research and technology that goes into the process. Even if you have the best hemp strain in the world, if the extraction technology isn't the best, all of the desired compounds in the plant will be lost during extraction.

Good news for all of our Kigh customers is that we do everything we can to ensure we're providing the best possible products and we'll describe a bit more about it here.

The best actually can get better!

We at Kigh are proud of the relationships that we have with our customers. We’ve been in the hemp business for quite some time now, and our customers have rewarded our efforts with trust and loyalty. We’ve proven ourselves to be the real deal when it comes to CBD by making accessible third-party lab reports, using up-to-date manufacturing methods and complying with every industry standard. Also, we’ve always been incredibly transparent about the techniques that we use, as well as the ingredients, formulations and more.

That’s why we wanted to give you a heads up about a change that’s coming your way, as someone who uses Kigh CBD products to maintain their daily routines. You might notice that in the near future, our CBD products will have a slight change in the way that they taste (noticed primarily in our CBD Oil tinctures). This isn’t because we’re playing around with flavoring ingredients or using new strains of hemp – it’s because we’ve adopted a new extraction technique that takes advantage of advanced technology in the CBD extraction process.

The extraction technique refers to the method used to lift the desirable compounds, like all of the cannabinoids (e.g. CBD, CBN, CBG, etc...) and terpenes (what gives plants flavor, smell and effect), from the hemp plant material. For some time now, it’s been established that the CO2 method is the gold standard. This uses pressurized carbon dioxide to push the compounds away from the plant, and it produces a cleaner and more bioavailable product, not to mention one that is far more chemically stable than other methods that are used.

But, as you know, the hemp industry is always evolving. Now, we have the ability to use the newest technologies available in supercritical and subcritical CO2 extraction, which is superior to any other methods out there today and, we’ll be explaining that today, as it relates to the new taste that you can expect.

Love the team at Kigh, they couldn't be more helpful. It also doesn't hurt that they have great products!

New Advancements in CBD Extraction Technology

What’s unique about the supercritical CO2 extraction process is that it uses carbon dioxide that’s heated to a specific temperature so that it’s simultaneously a gas and a liquid. Sounds like magic, right? Well, in terms of its effects on the end result, it might as well be. Essentially, what this advanced process does is dissolve the compounds in the hemp plant in a way that allows for higher concentrations. This also means more bioavailability, as you’re getting far more of each compound as it occurs in nature. Best of all, it doesn’t rely on any questionable solvent materials that can lead to an impure product.

What This Means for Our Customers

So, what does this new and advanced extraction technique have to do with taste? Well, if each product has a higher volume of compounds as they exist in nature, you can expect a more plant-like flavor in our products. Now, not everyone will notice this, because it’s not a huge difference from our current products. But those of you who have used our products daily for a long time may notice this, and we wanted to keep you informed before you worry that something is wrong with the product.

Therefore, when you start buying Kigh CBD products in the near future, know that you’re getting a higher-quality product than ever before, with a greater chance of giving you the desired results.

CBD Benefits Chart

Above you will find a chart for your reference. We thought it was a great visual to help you quickly see which plant compounds are most likely to provide potential benefit based on specific ailments. We are not making any claims here about CBD's ability to cure or treat any of these, so please, if you find something of interest, feel free to give us a call or do your own research on the topic.