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Looking at CBD Reviews From  Other Companies?

Looking at CBD Reviews From Other Companies?

Published by David Nadel on Apr 29, 2020

When you’re buying a CBD product online, there’s a good chance that you’re scoping out online CBD reviews or looking for reviews of CBD companies before making a purchase. This is one of the best ways to get an idea of whether or not the particular CBD product in question can actually meet your demands and give you a satisfying experience overall. We live in the digital age of Yelp and Reddit, when most consumers depend on online reviews more than ever before.

Are CBD Reviews Trustworthy?

This is both a good and bad thing for CBD companies and brands, as you may imagine. While positive reviews can do wonders for a brand’s reputation, many are on edge, awaiting a negative review that they can’t just quietly remove from the internet.

At Kigh CBD, we consider ourselves very lucky to have such fantastic CBD reviews throughout the internet in regard to our products and business practices. Of course, we shouldn’t say that we’re surprised. While so many CBD companies exist simply to make a buck off of a current trend, we’re committed in every way to providing consumers with relief. We go to great lengths to ensure customer satisfaction in every sense of the term, and so we are pleased that our reviews reflect that.

My dog is almost 17 yrs old. Before I started giving her Kigh Pet CBD Oil, she was very stiff and noticeably uncomfortable when taking our daily walk. Now that she has been getting the oil twice a day for well over a month, she seems to enjoy walking so much more and looks to take a longer walk.

Why CBD Reviews Matter More Than Ever

We live in a digital age. Most of us get our information from the internet, and we spend more time on our devices than ever before. This means that most consumers are very comfortable buying something online rather than trying it out in a store. One way that they can count on a product arriving as expected is by looking for CBD reviews.

Reviews exist everywhere, and this is the case for CBD companies as well as in other industries. CBD Reviews don’t just exist on a brand’s website. There are plenty of review websites floating around, as well as more reputable sources such as the Better Business Bureau. Further, consumers frequently discuss their experiences with products on social media and in environments like Reddit.

This means that a brand can have a hard time keeping up with all that’s being written about their CBD company. Rather than trying to maintain control over what’s being said, they have no choice but to strive to be as reputable of a company as possible. This is what our core values are all about at Kigh.

The Most Common Reasons for Negative Reviews

Below, we’ll be discussing the most common complaints we see regarding CBD companies and products.

#1: Low-Quality Products

Of course, if a CBD product is low in quality, the reviews are going to be bad. CBD users have high expectations, and for good reason. Low-quality products that are ineffective are not going to receive great CBD reviews.

#2: Poor Ingredients

Some companies underestimate the intelligence of consumers by thinking they can get away with questionable ingredients in their formulas. Chong’s Choice notoriously put DXT in their CBD goods, while Diamond CBD infused their gummies with 5F-ADB which can be potentially harmful. Once customers find out, they have every right to leave a negative review, as they’ve been misled, and these ingredients have the potential to be harmful.

#3: Refusal to Provide Lab Reports

Lab reports from a third-party facility are basically crucial nowadays, as without FDA approval, brands have no other way of proving their legitimacy and quality. CBD companies that refuse to provide lab reports, such as Hempworx, should expect negative reviews, as not only does this make consumers mistrust a brand but demonstrates that they almost definitely have something to hide.

#4: Bad Customer Service

Even if a CBD company produces stellar, effective products, if their customer service is poor, their reputation can and will suffer. Customer service is a crucial function of any business, and CBD users may have more questions than other consumers due to how new the industry is.

#5: Poor Shipping

Another thing that can damage a company’s reputation is poor shipping. Either failing to package a CBD product so that it’s safe in transit, or using shipping methods that can lead to serious delays, can anger customers and lead to poor CBD reviews.

#6: Poor Return Policies

Fair return and refund policies are essential, because many people have no experience with CBD and therefore don’t know what to expect. If a customer does not feel satisfied with their product, they should feel like they can be compensated in some way. CBD Companies like Diamond CBD have bad reputations for unfair policies of this nature, which has led to some pretty unhappy customers leaving negative CBD reviews throughout the internet.

#7: Health Claims

CBD companies are forbidden by the FDA from making health claims, period. While customers don’t necessarily all mind, some will find this practice irresponsible, and further, may feel that if a company is trying to avoid this rule, may be cutting corners in other ways. Another problem is that making health claims builds up customers’ expectations, meaning that if they don’t experience complete relief from their ailment as a product claims it can do, they’re more likely to leave a negative CBD review out of disappointment that the product didn’t work for them as expected.

#8: Failure to Comply with Current Regulations

Failing to comply with current regulations can lead to poor reviews as well. The regulations and laws surrounding the CBD industry are always changing, and CBD companies must pay attention.

#9: A Lack of Important Information

Brands like Endourage, Darling Hemp and RAW Health Infused have all let down customers by failing to provide some pretty critical information regarding their products. Not only do CBD consumers feel like they deserve to know how their products are made, but they also want to know about certain techniques and practices as these things can have an effect on the end product that they plan on taking. Companies should be very transparent about where their hemp oil comes from, how it’s extracted and whether or not it’s organic, because these things are mattering more and more to CBD users. A lack of information can leave consumers disgruntled and more likely to leave a negative review.

#10: Irresponsible Marketing Strategies

CBD brands like CTFO that follow an Multi-level Marketing (MLM) model are more prone to negative reviews. This is for a few reasons. One, people mistrust MLM companies to begin with, and therefore may already have a bias before they receive the product. Further, those who work for MLM companies are more likely to feel frustrated with the work environment and may engage in inferior practices due to their frustration, which can directly impact a customer’s experience with the brand.

Kigh CBD: Our Reviews Say It All

We at Kigh CBD are aware of all of the factors listed above, and by striving to prioritize all of them, we can say that our reviews are stellar overall. No company is perfect, but we know that we do everything we can to make sure that customers are happy. We’re transparent, we provide quality products and our customer service and policies are exceptional.


There are numerous ways in which a CBD business can let customers down enough to warrant negative reviews. And, the problem is that once those negative reviews build up throughout multiple corners of the internet, a brand’s reputation can be tarnished forever. Brands must really think about what they need to do to prevent negative reviews from occurring in the first place in order to survive in such a uniquely competitive market.