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CBD Flower - CBD Vape Oils - CBD Pre-Filled Cartridges

CBD Flower - CBD Vape Oils - CBD Pre-Filled Cartridges

Published by David Nadel on Apr 29, 2020

For those interested in beginning a new CBD vape regimen, you’ve to understand the full variety of products that are on the market today in order to get started. CBD vaping goods have become enormously popular due to the unique nature of this delivery method, which allows CBD to absorb very quickly while being felt very potently compared to other options. But, the way in which you vape those compounds is pretty much up to you, as CBD vapes come in a wide range of milligram strengths, flavors, and even forms.

3 Forms of Vaping – CBD Vape Oils, Pre-Filled CBD Cartridges, CBD Flower

We will be breaking down the three main forms for vaping CBD. As you’ll see, vaping CBD effects each individual differently, so we can’t say that one is objectively better than the rest or be able to exactly answer the question of “How much CBD Should I Vape?” It really is a matter of reading through each one of the below forms and figuring out which option best appeals to your needs, goals and preferences.

Helped me out a great deal. Wanted something easy that does not take over completely. Remained focused on tasks and helped me sleep also.

What All CBD Vaping Goods Have in Common

Before breaking down the different types of vaping products, let’s discuss what they all have in common. For one thing, they are all capable of supplying your body with a potent amount of CBD, which is the main goal, of course. And, all CBD vape goods come in a variety of potency levels.

So, how much CBD should I vape anyway? Because you can decide how strong you want each dose to be, it’s much easier to determine that answer. Another thing to note is that all CBD vaping products absorb into the body in the same way, meaning that no one form is faster-acting or longer-lasting than the rest.

Form #1: Pre-Filled Cartridges

This refers to e-liquid cartridges that are sold individually, with each one containing a specific amount of CBD vape oil. These cartridges are disposable, meaning that once the vape juice runs out, you can throw out the cartridge and replace it with a new one.

Pre-filled cartridges are compatible with vaping devices intended for CBD. Almost always, pre-filled cartridges utilize 510-threaded connections which make them universal with standard CBD vape pens. Bear in mind that these cartridges cannot be attached to regular sub-ohm mods and other high-powered devices just because the connection is compatible. These devices reach temperatures that are too high to maintain the stability of the compounds in hemp.

So, what are the appeal of pre-filled cartridges? Well, for one thing, they’re pretty user-friendly. Rather than having to manually refill the CBD vape oil in a cartridge or tank, while cleaning it after each use, you can simply buy a new one and screw it onto your trusty mod.

Form #2: Bottled CBD Vape Oil

Bottled vape juices or CBD vape oils come in a dropper bottle. They allow you to manually refill a tank or cartridge instead of throwing out the cartridge and replacing it with a new one. Bottled CBD vape oil tends to be available in a wider variety of flavors than pre-filled cartridges, making it great for those who are very particular when it comes to the way that their CBD vape juice tastes.

Another advantage of going with bottled CBD vape oil is that they tend to help you save money. Pre-filled CBD cartridges cost more per volume of e-liquid, because they include the cost of the cartridge materials, as well as the labor that went into producing each one. If you’re on a budget, you’ll likely want to opt for bottled. Just bear in mind that with this option, you have to refill the cartridge or tank as needed, and you also have to take care of your tank by cleaning it regularly and preventing it from getting cracked or chipped.

Form #3: CBD Flower

CBD flower is only now becoming about as popular as the other CBD vaping methods. It’s the pure hemp flower that’s been picked from the plant and carefully dried. Many people like CBD flower due to it being less adulterated by human hands, which makes users feel that this vape form is cleaner and more chemically stable, and therefore more potentially effective and potent.

CBD flower is not compatible with vaping systems intended for CBD vape oil, and CBD vape oil is not compatible with vaping systems intended for CBD flower. Because CBD flower is a completely different product and consistency, it requires a unique technological setup, and so if you’re going to go with CBD flower, you need to buy a device specially made for this style of vaping.

Another thing to keep in mind is that with CBD flower, you have a wide variety of options when it comes to the strain. This is yet another reason why a lot of people enjoy vaping CBD flower rather than using a CBD vape oil. By having a large choice of strains to choose from, you can better finetune your personal CBD experience according to what it is that you’re trying to get out of hemp.

Vape It Your Way

As you can see, there are several ways in which to enjoy CBD and other hemp compounds through vaping. Choosing the best method for you is a matter of asking yourself how complex and customizable you’d like your setup to be, and how much time and effort you want to put into maintenance, as well as whether you prefer CBD vape oils or pure flower. At Kigh CBD, we offer a wide range of CBD vaping products that ensure something for every type of hemp enthusiast. Check out what we have to offer today to experience CBD in this unique and exciting way.