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Companies Publicizing CBD Oil Benefits Lists

Companies Publicizing CBD Oil Benefits Lists

Published by David Nadel on Apr 29, 2020

At Kigh CBD, we strive to be as transparent with our customers as possible, as we want them to trust in the CBD Products that we’re making. We know that the industry is still very new, and a lot of people who come to us are trying CBD for the very first time. Therefore, we feel a tremendous responsibility to provide the highest-quality CBD possible while adhering to all guidelines and regulations that have been placed upon the CBD industry as a whole, even though sometimes it feels like the wild, wild, west.

Why you can't trust companies advertising cbd benefits lists

We are seeing a lot of great new things popping up in the CBD market these days, but unfortunately, we’re also seeing a lot that concerns us. Let’s start with the good. One of the recent industry updates that we felt great about was when the Arthritis Foundation announced publicly their support for CBD providing benefit for those suffering with certain forms of arthritis. There is and will be ongoing research in this area for some time to find the best strain for arthritis pain. More on this topic later. The one really big issue involving CBD is that lots of brands are making health claims about what their CBD products are capable of. Now, you may be wondering why this is an issue in the first place.

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Why CBD Companies Can Publicize CBD Oil Benefits Lists

You may or may not know this, but the CBD industry is not regulated by the FDA, simply because the FDA has not yet approved CBD for consumption. When the Farm Bill was passed only recently (end of 2018), congress had expected the FDA to act quickly in order to approve hemp so that a regulated industry could be enjoyed by all, but the FDA seems to be dragging their feet. This, as you can imagine, has made it quite difficult for companies like ourselves, to navigate through the CBD wellness market.

Because CBD is not approved by the FDA, it’s illegal for companies to make any health claims. Health claims can only be made if the FDA has found them to be true by conducting their own trials. Now, we know what you’re thinking – there have been so many clinical trials done over the last few years regarding CBD, so why won’t the FDA legitimize them? Well, we can’t speak for the FDA, but what we can say is that despite the many promising studies regarding hemp, the FDA does not allow brands to base claims off of these studies.

Despite this, many companies try to get away with it or they believe they can publicly advertise these CBD oil benefit lists without consequence of being caught. It’s not hard to find companies claiming on the product’s packaging that a particular CBD oil can relieve headaches, anxiety and even cancer. However, if a company is doing this, they are breaking the rules, plain and simple.

The FDA Has Been Cracking Down on the Hemp Industry

When the FDA sets a guideline, they mean business. The FDA is cracking down on CBD companies more than ever before, as the industry is growing and growing with little restriction on manufacturing and marketing practices. The FDA is going after brands that are claiming that their CBD products can cure or treat ailments, whether physical or mental.

One brand that the FDA recently sent a warning to was Rooted Apothecary, who were claiming that their CBD oils are capable of curing earaches, infections, anxiety and autism. Another company that was sent a warning letter was Curaleaf, as they stated that their CBD products were capable of treating cancer, dementia, Parkinson’s and ADHD among other serious ailments. It’s unlikely that these companies did not get the memo in regard to making health claims; in fact, they likely just thought they could get away with it.

Kigh CBD Does Not Make Health Claims, Allowing Our Products to Speak for Themselves

Now, you can understand why we don’t make health claims when it comes to our CBD products. With CBD still being in its infancy as an industry, it’s more important than ever to go out of our way to help consumers trust what it is that we have to offer. One way to turn off customers completely is to blatantly defy industry rules and regulations. After all, if a company is breaking one rule created by the FDA, who knows what other rules they might be breaking?

What we do instead of making health claims is allow our products to speak for themselves. We know what our CBD goods can do, and we know about their unique properties both from years of research on hemp, and from feedback from customers like you. Therefore, we don’t feel the need to promise that our CBD products are capable of relieving specific serious ailments and conditions, and you won’t see us publishing CBD oil benefits lists or talking about how our latest flower is the best strain for arthritis pain, we let our customers speak for us on these fronts.

We can say that when we set out to formulate a product, we do everything that we possibly can to make it as bioavailable, effective and clean as possible. This way, you’re the most likely to end up having a positive experience when you take our CBD products. And, we are extremely transparent with our customers when it comes to how our products are made, from the hemp that’s cultivated to the ingredients that go into each product formula. We make it clear that we follow all rules and regulations regarding manufacturing CBD goods, because we want to make sure that you feel completely confident that our products aren’t just legitimate, but some of the best CBD that’s on the market today.

Rather than looking for that CBD benefits list to see if your ailment is on it, focus your attention on seeking out the highest-quality CBD that you can find from a company that can be trusted. The key to finding effective CBD is choosing the right delivery method, milligram strength and formula for your needs, and also ensuring that you find a company that provides lab results verifying the purity and potency of the hemp extract.

Final Thoughts

While there’s a good chance you’re taking CBD because you’re seeking out relief, you should still avoid CBD products that claim to be capable of fixing a problem that you may be having. CBD companies are forbidden from making health claims, and any brands that ignore this rule are subject to repercussions from the FDA.

So, what do you do? Well, there are many clinical studies out there about CBD. We suggest reading up on CBD’s effects and properties for yourself in order to know how to use CBD in a way that helps you experience the results that you desire.