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Could the Coronavirus Impact Your CBD Experience?

Could the Coronavirus Impact Your CBD Experience?

Published by David Nadel on Apr 29, 2020

We understand that no one can escape the news revolving around the coronavirus and there are many more questions unanswered than answered right now. Here we will make an attempt to address some basic questions related to coronavirus and your CBD Wellness Routine.

Should I Continue My CBD Wellness Routine?

There’s one thing that’s been on everyone’s mind for the last couple weeks, and it’s the coronavirus. This global pandemic is rapidly reshaping the way in which we live our lives, forcing us to take a step back and ask ourselves serious questions regarding the state of our health. Many of us are finding that we have some habits that may not be doing our immune system any favors, and as the virus spreads more and more throughout our country, it’s only natural that many people are worried about what would happen to them should they catch it.

There’s a lot about the COVID-19 that we don’t know. It’s such a new virus that researchers have not had enough time to fully study its unique behavior and attributes. Therefore, there’s a whole lot of misinformation out there in regard to what it’s capable of.

Now, as a CBD company, one of our main jobs is to always make sure that the products we sell our capable of giving our customers a positive experience, to say the least. It’s also our responsibility to always be following the latest developments in the hemp world, checking out new studies while listening to what experts have to say.

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CBD and the Coronavirus: What We Know

The good news is that we don’t have any studies that suggest that CBD could increase your risk of catching the coronavirus or having symptoms that are on the more severe side. That’s because as of now, we don’t have any information stating that CBD weakens the immune system or interferes with the respiratory tract or lungs that need to be in good health in order to combat the virus. The only exception, we’d say, is that vaping CBD can be a bit irritating to some people’s throats depending on their sensitivity level, which could potentially make a cough a bit worse. If you’re someone with a sensitive throat, you may consider switching to another delivery method for the time-being.

There are some studies in the past have linked marijuana use to a weakened immune system. The reality is that it’s possible that while the marijuana is at peak levels in the body, which is not for a very long time, the immune system is slightly weaker than usual, but as the effects wear off, the immune system returns to normal. The important thing to keep in mind here is that it’s the THC that causes this effect. Marijuana, as you probably know, has a very high THC level. That’s why it makes users high. Hemp has 0.3 percent or less THC, which is such a trace amount it can’t even make you high in the slightest. And, like we said, no studies have shown that hemp-based products have this effect on the immune system. In fact, you may want to explore some of the studies that have been done on CBD and the immune system for yourself, because some suggest the opposite.

CBD and Stress

You’d have a hard time finding someone who isn’t stressed during this pandemic. Many of us feel as though things are out of control, and that the things in life that they depend on are at risk. It’s completely natural to feel afraid, anxious, defeated and in distress during this difficult time. But, it’s important to know that stress and anxiety can directly deplete the immune system, making it difficult for this crucial bodily system to do its job should it come into contact with the virus. Therefore, it’s very important that as we get through this situation, we do what we must to minimize stress and try to make the most of the situation at hand.

A lot of people take CBD for stress, and you might find that it helps you get a better handle on things as well. Stress can wreak havoc on our daily lives, interfering with our sleep, causing muscle tension and making it difficult to stay focused.

You’re Likely Safe Continuing Your Daily Hemp Routine

The bottom line is that you shouldn’t worry about keeping up with your CBD routine during this crisis. In addition to taking your CBD daily, make sure that you practice social distancing, wash your hands and keep yourself in good health.

Final Thoughts

If you’re a CBD user who is concerned about how the coronavirus could affect their daily routine, rest assured that there’s absolutely no reason, as of now, to worry. There is no evidence that CBD negatively impacts your immune system – after all, the immune system has cannabinoid receptors. And, besides that, CBD might be a nice option for those looking for some blissfulness the chaos going on at the present moment.