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Is There Filler Ingredients in Kigh's CBD Products?

Is There Filler Ingredients in Kigh's CBD Products?

Published by David Nadel on Apr 29, 2020

When it comes to the CBD market, consumers have to be extremely educated on hemp in order to choose the right product from the best brand. As you may know from your own experience shopping for CBD, it’s all too easy to mistakenly buy a hemp product that’s not capable of giving you a desirable experience, either because it’s too weak, it contains low-quality ingredients or it’s so chemically unstable that its shelf life is not very long at all.

cbd companies using filler ingredients in their products

One of the things that you should always avoid when shopping for CBD is filler ingredients. But, with a blanket term like that, how can you know which ingredients count as filler, and which are conducive to enhancing a product’s formula? Well, today, we’ll be talking all about filler ingredients commonly found in low-quality CBD products, why these ingredients should be avoided and why Kigh CBD never, ever uses fillers. As you’ll see, the use of filler ingredients is a sign that a CBD company should be avoided altogether.

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What are Filler Ingredients

So, what are filler ingredients anyway? This is a term that we hear being thrown a lot, and it’s not surprising that a lot of people aren’t even sure what it means, or why fillers are necessarily bad.

Filler ingredients are ingredients that are found in a product that don’t actually need to be there. They don’t contribute anything positive to the formula, and more often than not, they exist primarily to fill out a product’s formula.

Let’s apply this to CBD. We know that pure hemp extract is fairly expensive to produce. So, a company might water down the formula with a filler ingredient so that they can use less hemp extract while still providing a good product volume. See, filler ingredients are cheap, and so by using them, companies can save a lot of money.

The issue is that filler ingredients reduce the potency of a product, and even worse, they can sometimes be dangerous to consume in high doses or regularly over a long period of time.

Are filler ingredients allowed in CBD products?

So, here’s the thing – filler ingredients aren’t necessarily prohibited from CBD goods, although they are discouraged by the industry as a whole. See, the CBD industry is not regulated because the FDA has not yet approved the cannabinoid. Therefore, there aren’t all that many strict rules regarding how CBD products can be manufactured. The unfortunate side effect of this is that consumers must be able to discern for themselves what’s a quality CBD product and what’s a CBD product that’s full of cheap fillers, and should be avoided.

Why should filler ingredients be avoided in CBD products?

So, what’s so bad about fillers? Well, for one thing, they are typically used to reduce the potency of a CBD product. See, when it comes to finding success with hemp, it’s all about choosing the ideal potency level. This means that you must seek out a product with a high enough milligram strength of hemp compounds to give your body the right dosage. Now, filler ingredients can dilute that milligram strength so much that the product ends up basically being useless.

Another issue is that not all filler ingredients are great for our bodies if we consume them daily, or take high doses of hemp at a time. And, there’s a whole other problem, which is that some fillers can directly destabilize the compounds in hemp that we’re seeking out, making them ineffective.

What are some examples of filler ingredients in cbd products?

It’s really hard to make a clear list of filler ingredients as there are countless ones out there. What we can tell you is that more and more companies are getting called out for their use of filler ingredients. In fact, Chong’s Choice was found to be putting DXM in their hemp products. DXM is known as the active ingredient in cough syrup products, and it’s potentially dangerous to take high doses of the substance.

There’s also Diamond CBD, who was recently caught using a potentially dangerous filler compound known as 5F-ABD in their edible gummies. This compound is capable of causing dizziness, fainting, headaches, nausea and irritability, which are obviously not side effects that you want to feel when seeking relief through hemp.

Other filler ingredients that are more harmless include certain carrier oils that water down the potency of a hemp oil. While these filler ingredients are not bad for you, they do interfere with your ability to consume the right amount of hemp to enjoy a proper dosage level.

Also, be wary of fillers commonly used in CBD vape oils that have found to be dangerous. Two ingredients that you want to avoid at all costs are vitamin E and diacetyl, as both of these ingredients have been linked to adverse effects.

how can i know whether or not a CBD product I purchase contains filler ingredients?

So, how can you avoid filler ingredients when shopping for CBD? Well, it’s easy. All CBD products are required to print a list of ingredients on their label. Now, if a product does not make its ingredients easy to find, you should avoid that company as it’s a bad sign that they’re not following guidelines regarding product labeling.

When you look through the list of ingredients, you should not find anything unusual. CBD products tend to contain a relatively small number of ingredients, and the ingredients tend to be naturally derived, which means that you’ll be able to read them easily as they are not the names of chemicals.


At Kigh CBD, we go out of our way to develop clean and potent formulas that are completely filler-free. We know that when you shell over money for CBD, you want to know that you’re getting the purest, most potent stuff that’s out there. You can clearly read our ingredients lists as we make them available, considering we have nothing to hide. You’ll see that each ingredient belongs in the formula, and that our formulas are simple and clean.


At Kigh CBD, you never have to worry about consuming cheap fillers in your hemp goods. We go to enormous lengths to develop pure, clean and high-quality formulas using only the very best and most essential ingredients possible. And, because we’re so committed to complete transparency, you’ll have no trouble finding out which ingredients go into the products that you wish to purchase from us. Now that you know the truth about filler ingredients in CBD products, you can understand why Kigh CBD is a brand that you can trust.