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Understand How Kigh's CBD Capsules Work

Understand How Kigh's CBD Capsules Work

Published by David Nadel on Apr 29, 2020

Looking for a way to make CBD part of your daily regimen? If so, welcome to the club. More people are having blissful-like experiences by taking hemp daily, and this has to do with the fascinating array of compounds that naturally exist within the hemp plant.

CBD Capsules from KigH

As you may have noticed, there are countless CBD products on the market today, and they come in a number of different forms, ranging from topical creams to CBD-infused e-liquids. But, one of our favorite products are CBD capsules. Why? Because they’re easy to take, let you control your dose without having to think about it, and capable of giving long-lasting effects.

At Kigh CBD, we have our own unique capsule formula that our customers absolutely adore. They come in two varieties: Multivitamin and Sleep Aid. Today, we’ll be talking about what makes our capsules so exceptional, and why so many of our customers swear by them daily.

Anxiety has been so much better and sleeping through the night without waking up and staring at the ceiling for hours. I highly recommend!

what exactly are cbd capsules?

First, let’s talk about what CBD capsules are, and how they compare to other hemp products on the market. CBD capsules fall under the edibles category technically, although rather than being chewed up, they are swallowed just like any pill that you take. This allows the hemp to quickly enter the digestive tract, where it travels to the liver so that it can be released into the bloodstream.

When you ingest CBD, its effects can take about one to two hours to kick in. But, once they’re activated, you might feel them for several hours at a time. And, they are felt more subtly, which many people find ideal – especially those who are totally new to CBD and don’t know what to expect.

what type of cbd capsules for kigh provide?

Kigh CBD Capsules are specially formulated capsules that combine quality CBD with other natural ingredients so that your body can be supported with a variety of plant-based compounds. We offer two different formulations: Immune Support, as well as Sleep Support. Sure, the names are self-explanatory enough, but it’s worth pointing out that our Immune Support formula contains a wide array of natural vitamins and minerals that boost the immune system, while our Sleep Support formula uses melatonin and CBD as their active ingredients.

What makes Kigh CBD Capsules Unique?

So, why are our capsules so much better than the rest? Well, for one thing, we utilize high-quality CBD isolate which has been carefully extracted from the hemp plant via the CO2 process which is considered the gold standard. This process stabilizes the compound while making it as bioavailable as possible. And, these capsules are potent, boasting 25 milligrams of CBD per piece.

The additional ingredients in our capsules are clean and come from plant-based sources. These capsules are also free of heavy metals, pesticides and THC, the compound in cannabis that has psychoactive properties.

These capsules are extremely easy to take, and they are easy on the stomach. They can be consumed at any time of day, and the suggested dosage level is printed on the back. However, some customers choose to double up on their doses for maximum effects.

How to take CBD Capsules

Want to get started with our Kigh CBD Capsules? Well, first you have to decide which formula you wish. Remember that regardless of the one you choose; you’ll be receiving the same amount of quality CBD isolate.

The best way to start a CBD routine is to begin taking the capsules at night rather than the daytime. This way, you’ll be home so that you can monitor the unique way in which CBD interacts with your body. Of course, if you are taking our sleep formula, you’d be taking them at night anyway.

The suggested dosage level is printed on the label as we said earlier. Start with this dosage level for two weeks, taking it daily if you can. CBD seems to be the most useful when it can first accumulate in the body, and for some people, it can take days before the CBD really starts doing its thing. After two weeks, you can decide if you wish to change the dosage level. If you do choose to change the dosage level, do it incrementally so that you can stay on top of your hemp experience in a more controlled manner. And, you can take these capsules with or without food.

CBD Capsules Can Be Nice for CBD Beginners

The Kigh CBD Capsules are user-friendly, evenly dosed and highly potent capsules, that provide you with an adequate amount of CBD in addition to other plant-based compounds. If you wanna get into CBD, this is a great way to start. Compare the two capsule formulas we offer in order to figure out which type is best suited for your unique needs.