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Taking a "Non-Stressful" Look at CBD without Getting "Anxious"

Taking a "Non-Stressful" Look at CBD without Getting "Anxious"

Published by David Nadel on Apr 29, 2020

Can CBD help in our lives? Some find that they experience the stress response on a chronic basis, even when life is going seemingly well. A lot of people who feel stressed out and overwhelmed despite the lack of a particularly difficult event or circumstance have an anxiety disorder. While stress is a chemical process that we all experience, anxiety is classified as a mood disorder that requires some form of treatment.

Can CBD Help With Everyday Stress and Anxiety?

Today, we will be discussing the key differences between stress and anxiety, and how each one is typically treated and managed using conventional methods. We’ll also be discussing the role that CBD may be able to play in helping our minds calm down.

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Stress vs. Anxiety: How are They Different?

A lot of people use terms stress and anxiety interchangeably, and this is simply incorrect. Clinical psychologists have stressed that there are clear differences between the two mental states, with one being a natural response that we all experience from time to time, and the other being a classified condition. Allow us to break down what each one is, why it occurs and its potential impact on a person’s life.


Humans are born with what’s known as the stress response, as it’s a key function of our survival as a species. When we are faced with a challenge or threat, we engage the stress response, which signals the release of cortisol throughout the bloodstream. This process allows us to be more focused, as our ancestors needed this to get out of danger. But, it also causes a number of physical changes to occur, such as tense muscles and an increased heart rate.

Occasional and even frequent stress is relatively natural. But, chronic stress is something different. Chronic stress occurs if we are exposed to stressful events or circumstances for a prolonged period of time. Chronic stress can lead to health conditions like heart disease, diabetes and stroke if not treated.


Anxiety is different from stress as it’s a condition. With stress, once the culprit no longer exists, a person tends to have no trouble returning to their normal state. Those who have anxiety, however, are always in a state of stress, even if no unfavorable circumstances are present. People who have anxiety never feel secure and safe in their environment, and this disorder can manifest itself in many unique ways. Those who have anxiety require some form of treatment so that this disorder doesn’t interfere with their ability to live a functional life.

Treatment Options for Stress and Anxiety

Those who are chronically stressed as well as those who have an anxiety disorder may find that they can experience relief by visiting a mental health professional. This person can provide techniques and strategies for calming the mind as needed. Some cases may require some form of a medication that helps block the release of cortisol that causes the stress response to take over. There are also natural methods that can be done at home, such as yoga and meditation, which aim to engage a part of the nervous system that helps us feel calmer and less tense.

Can CBD Help Us Achieve a Sense of Calm?

So, what about CBD? Well, one thing that makes CBD unique is that it works directly with cannabinoid receptors in the brain that seem to play a role in the maintenance and balance of hormones such as cortisol, and others that have an effect on our stress and anxiety levels. By now, we’ve come across many peer-reviewed studies that demonstrate the fascinating ways in which CBD may be able to calm us down in moments of stress and anxiety.

How to Use CBD for Relaxation Purposes

Now that you have an idea of how CBD might be able to help you, you’re probably wondering how you should go about obtaining it and using it for the best possible results. Simply follow this guide below to get started.

Step #1: Consider Speaking with Your Doctor About a CBD Routine

If you’re seeing a specialist for stress or anxiety, let them know that you wish to begin a CBD routine.

Step #2: Look for Quality CBD Products

Quality is key, so look for a company that takes pride in the products they sell, someone that provides third-party lab tests. Also ensure that you find someone you can trust with company and product reviews that are verified.

Step #3: Select Your Delivery Method

CBD oil drops, CBD edibles, CBD vape oils and CBD flower products all have different absorption rates which can determine how long it takes for the CBD to peak in the body, how long it can last and how potently it is felt.

Step #4: Choose the Right Potency Level

You need to choose the right milligram strength based on both the severity of your unique situation as well as your body weight.

Step #5: Dose Yourself Consistently

If you want to get the most out of your CBD product, daily use is recommended as this allows the body to build up adequate levels of hemp compounds.

Final Thoughts

Both stress and anxiety can wreak serious havoc in our lives, and if left unchecked, can lead to more complicated issues that affect both our physical and mental health. Therefore, managing stress and anxiety is extremely important if we want to maintain a good sense of well-being. If you want to use CBD to experience a calmer state of mind, use the guide above to make sure that you start a routine properly for the best potential results. And, remember that at Kigh CBD, we offer a wide array of CBD products that are high in quality and loaded with the compounds that may be extremely useful to you.