CBD can come from Hemp Plant or Marijuana Plant

CBD can come from Hemp Plant or Marijuana Plant

Published by Chris Dworkin on 3rd Aug 2019

CBD Can Come From Hemp or From Marijuana

With so much misinformation on the internet about CBD, a common misconception is that CBD only comes from one type of cannabis plant. In reality, CBD is found throughout the stalks, flowers, stems, leaves, and seeds of both hemp and marijuana.

One of the most unknown CBD facts is that hemp and marijuana can both be sources of CBD. However, marijuana is commonly bred to be lower in CBD than THC, the intoxicating compound known for its euphoric properties. In hemp, the plants are bred to have CBD dominating the plant’s makeup.

Out of all of our CBD facts, why is this one so important? Hemp’s higher levels of CBD make it an ideal source for CBD extract products like CBD oil. Hemp also grow much faster than marijuana, allowing farmers to plant multiple hemp crops a season for a more environmentally sustainable and conscious CBD product.

With that said, there are thousands of unique varieties of hemp, and not all contain the same percentages of CBD. The cultivars used to create CBD oil, in general, contain significantly higher concentrations of CBD than others.

Always work with a company you can trust. Make sure that your CBD product supplier, like us at Kigh, are aware of the hemp plant genetics, the extraction process and the steps to create finished product. All of these topics determine the quality and effectiveness of what you're purchasing. 

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